Allison, Lead Customer Service Representative

My name is Allison, and I am the Lead Client Service Representative here at All Paws. I have numerous years of experience as a Client Services Trainer with a variety of companies and I am often one of the first faces to greet you and your pets with a warm welcome.

I used to have a very sweet senior dog named Loki who was a frequent flyer at All Paws. With the help of the clinic team and lifestyle management, Loki was able to live a stable and comfortable life despite multiple chronic issues including diabetes, hypothyroidism, and the onset of arthritis. In spring 2024, Loki made her trip across the Rainbow Bridge. I learned through loving Loki that all time is precious with our pets and because of this, I am passionate about doing everything I can to help all pets live their lives to the fullest. After Loki’s passing, I adopted two polydactyl kittens named Perseus and Hermes.

I absolutely love the team at All Paws. I know that my team has always had my back and that I
can always count on them. The other favorite thing I love about working at All Paws is getting
to foster kittens that come through our clinic to find their forever homes!

A fun fact about me is that I am a huge fan of Broadway and Disney. I even worked at Epcot
and had a leading role in a college theatrical play!